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Why I (as atheist) choosed an cite of the bible (Jeremiah 1,14) for the head area ?

It's simple: I choosed it because of the ambiguity of this statement. This cite means in the original sense a warning of the vikings; today the text warns about another danger out of the north - which is also human made - and threatens the existence of the humans.

Have fun while you cogitate about it. hosting

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21.12.2008: After nearly fourt years without new content or big changes, you see now a complete rewritten website.

Some old content was removed, the Linux section was improved. The most visible change is the new layout. I hope, you like it. Comments are welcome.

A long time I fighted with me and searched for a layout, with wich I can really identfy myself and which looks modern. The head area was the most hardest nut. I have also some alternatives with other backgrounds, maybe I will use them in the future.

News about the history of Küstrin

20.09.2017 Jubiläumsfest in Küstrin-Kietz: 150 Jahre preußische Ostbahn Berlin - Küstrin (20.09.2017)
12.08.2017 Neuer Artikel über die Küstriner Fotografen (12.08.2017)
30.07.2017 Neuer Artikel zur Küstriner Jugendherberge (30.07.2017)
07.07.2017 Neuer Artikel zu den Umbenennungen von Küstrin-Kietz ab 1948 (07.07.2017)
07.06.2017 Neue Website zur Geschichte der Stadt Göritz (Oder) / Górzyca (07.06.2017)
02.05.2017 Neues Buch zur Ostbrandenburger Apothekengeschichte (02.05.2017)
25.06.2016 Neue Quelle für Ahnenforscher in Küstrin (25.06.2016)
01.06.2016 Der Wirtschaftsstandort Küstrin-Kietz - die frühen Nachkriegsjahre (01.06.2016)
22.03.2016 Ausstellungseröffnung am 30.03.2016 (22.03.2016)
08.03.2016 Artikel über die Malzfabriken von Julius Kohlstock online (08.03.2016)

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